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Collection: Laundry Hampers

Embarking on the Odyssey of Laundry Solutions

Dive into the realm of laundry management—bags, baskets, collectors—the options are vast. The ultimate laundry solution is a blend of durability, portability, and affordability. Rotho unveils a diverse range, promising a perfect fit for all laundry needs.


Decoding the Art of Selecting the Right Laundry Solution

Laundry, a perpetual cycle of wear, sort, wash, and iron, requires a systematic approach. An ideal laundry collector should be practical, durable, and a seamless part of our routines—a household essential. Amid numerous options, what should be the focus when selecting the perfect laundry solution?


Championing Durability

Choosing the right laundry collector might be challenging, but durability is the cornerstone post-decision. The material—bamboo, fabric, or plastic—must embody top-tier quality for longevity. Rotho leans towards plastic for its durability, easy cleaning, and versatility in color, design, and form.


Advocating for Plastic Laundry Solutions

Dirty laundry can harbor bacteria and viruses, emphasizing the importance of hygiene. Plastic, the choice material in Rotho's arsenal, outshines bamboo or fabric in terms of cleanliness. Adequate ventilation prevents odors, particularly from damp clothes, elevating the hygiene factor.


To Lid or Not to Lid?

The decision between a lidded or open laundry hamper is pivotal. Lids contribute to visual tidiness and odor containment, while open bins offer enhanced accessibility, especially when hands are occupied.


Exploring Our Laundry Solution Catalog

For individuals, couples, or large families, Rotho's online shop caters to all. Our laundry hamper lines include:



The 50L BRISEN laundry collector from Rotho ensures secure laundry storage. Integrated handles facilitate easy transport, and the lid preserves cleanliness and ventilation.



The COUNTRY laundry collector, holding 55L, boasts a space-saving design with an openwork rattan construction, ensuring improved hygiene.



The FLOWERS laundry collector, with a 55L capacity, features robust, high-quality plastic, a removable lid with a tilting and swinging function, and two integrated carrying handles. Openings in the lid and base ensure ventilation of the contents.


Peruse our complete laundry solution range on our website.


Why Rotho?

Swiss Quality and Design

Originating from Switzerland, we uphold high standards at an unbeatable price, backed by a 20-year guarantee. Sustainability is a key focus—we increasingly use recycled materials and renewable energies, minimizing packaging in deliveries. Our products are free of harmful substances like BPA and fully recyclable.


Wide Selection

Explore our online shop for diverse designs, colors, and capacities, with or without lids, ensuring you find the perfect match.


Customer Support

Questions or need assistance? Our customer service is ready to assist—just drop us a message.


Optimizing Your Laundry Routine

Before choosing a laundry solution, consider your organizational approach. Two popular methods are:


Room-Specific Solutions

Ideal for families, place a laundry solution in every bedroom or children's room to collect clothes on the spot. For added convenience, consider placing two collectors in rooms to teach children to sort laundry by light and dark. Full collectors can be easily transported to the laundry, minimizing clutter in individual rooms.


Centralized Solutions

Another approach is placing one or more laundry hampers in a single room, such as the bathroom, where dirty laundry tends to accumulate. This central collection point provides a quick overview of pending laundry, saving time by eliminating the need to collect clothes from every room. Multiple solutions in one area aid in sorting clothes by color, keeping track, and reducing effort in subsequent washes. For this approach, laundry collectors with lids are preferable, adding order and hygiene to the room.


3 Laundry Sorting Strategies


Sort laundry promptly for a time-saving strategy.

Perform preparatory work while collecting to save time.

Keep categories minimal—sorting into dark, light, and delicate laundry is usually sufficient, saving time and energy.

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