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Collection: Compost Bins

Embark on the Compost Journey with Rotho


For those who savor crafting wholesome meals teeming with fruits and vegetables, grappling with organic waste management is a familiar feat. Merely discarding it with regular household waste can culminate in unpleasant odors and the wastage of potential composting material. Whether you possess a garden or a balcony, integrating a Rotho compost bin can significantly conserve resources and cut costs. Rotho introduces pragmatic composting solutions to streamline the separation of organic waste.


Benefits of Choosing a Compost Bin

Opting for composting brings forth dual advantages: environmental preservation and financial savings. Composting your green waste eliminates the need for chemical fertilizers and peat, making a positive impact on the environment. Furthermore, creating your own compost can mitigate the expenses associated with purchasing fertilizers.


What Finds Sanctuary in the Composter?


Lawn and tree clippings

Foliage, remnants of bedding plants, and potting soil

Residual fruits and vegetables

Tea leaves and coffee grounds

Sawdust and wood shavings

What Should Steer Clear of the Compost?


Cooked food, bread, meat, sausages, fish, and bones, as these attract rodents. Place them in the organic waste bin, especially if processed in a biogas plant.

Wood ash and charcoal

Street grime and dust

Pet litter

Diapers and tissues

No Garden? Still, Segregate Organic Waste!

Even sans a garden, segregating organic waste is pivotal. Leftover fruits and vegetables harbor significant potential for compost or biogas production. The separation of waste aids in resource conservation and energy generation.


Rotho's Array of Compost Bins

Rotho's commitment to environmental conservation and resource thriftiness is apparent in our array of compost bin options.


Compost Bin BIO

Keep your kitchen free from the odors of organic waste with the BIO compost bin, featuring an anti-odor lid for efficient waste separation without unpleasant smells.


Odor-resistant lid

Robust carrying handle

Neat and convenient

Swiss brand excellence

Advantages and Uses of the BIO Bin

The BIO compost bin is crafted to seamlessly fit into any kitchen, providing odor protection with its distinctive lid. Its practical handle makes it easy to transport to your compost pile or bio bin when full.


Product Features

This compost bin is compact, with an odor-resistant lid and a resilient carrying handle. It's sustainably manufactured and fully recyclable, a must-have in any household.


Rotho Compost Bin ALBULA 6L

Complementing our favored recycling waste system Albula 25l, there is now a practical small waste bin for kitchen refuse, compost, organic waste, and more. The lid can be opened completely, allowing you to peel carrots or potatoes directly into the bucket without spills. Thanks to the convenient carrying strap, the bucket can be effortlessly carried to the balcony or garden.


Considerate and Handy

The composter with a lid provides you the chance to amass waste where it originates: in the kitchen. Its elegant design allows it to grace the worktop without releasing unpleasant odors when the lid is closed.


Plastic Bucket Features

The plastic buckets come in various hues and are also ideal as table waste receptacles, for accumulating empty coffee capsules, or for storing detergent, dishwashing tablets, etc. They are easy to clean with water and washing-up liquid.


Rotho Compost Bin GREENLINE

Fashioned from bioplastic, the GREENLINE bucket makes composting effortless and odor-free.


Compost bin with lid

Space-efficient design

Durable, BPA-free bio-plastic

Swiss brand excellence

Why Prefer Rotho?

Swiss Quality and Design

Our roots trace back to Switzerland — hence our stringent standards emanate from there. We offer Swiss quality at an unbeatable price. In fact, we are so confident in the quality of our laundry baskets that we extend a 20-year guarantee. Naturally, our products are free of harmful substances such as BPA. Sustainability is paramount to us: we increasingly employ recycled materials and renewable energies in our production and ensure minimal packaging when delivering. Furthermore, our products are entirely recyclable.


Extensive Selection

Our assortment includes diverse designs, colors, and capacities, with or without lids, ensuring you discover the perfect match. Peruse our online store.


Customer Assistance

Have questions or require assistance? Our customer service is at your disposal! Just drop us a message.