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Collection: Laundry Baskets

Unveiling the Ultimate Laundry Bin

Laundry management involves a spectrum of choices, from bags to baskets and collectors. The paramount laundry bin boasts durability, portability, and sufficient space, all within an affordable range. Rotho extends a broad selection of laundry solutions, ensuring a perfect fit for every need.


Deciphering the Right Laundry Bin

Laundry, a perpetual cycle of wear, sorting, washing, and ironing, necessitates a well-thought-out system. Practicality, durability, and streamlined routines characterize an exemplary laundry collector. Amidst a myriad of options, what factors should you prioritize when pinpointing the right laundry bin?


Prioritizing Resilience

The journey to the ideal laundry collector might be intricate, but resilience emerges as the defining factor post-choice. Material, whether bamboo, fabric, or plastic, must embody top-tier quality for sustained use. Rotho leans towards plastic due to its enduring nature, facile cleaning, and versatility in color, design, and form.


Advocacy for Plastic Laundry Bins

Dirty laundry, a potential harbor for bacteria and viruses, accentuates the need for hygiene. Plastic, the material of choice in Rotho's bins, outshines alternatives like bamboo or fabric in terms of cleanliness. The material facilitates easy cleaning and ample ventilation, especially crucial for damp clothes and heightened hygiene.


To Lid or Not to Lid?

The decision between a lidded or open laundry bin holds significance. Lids contribute to visual tidiness and odor containment, while open bins offer heightened accessibility, a boon when hands are laden.


Showcasing Our Laundry Bin Array

Explore Rotho's online emporium catering to individuals, couples, or expansive families. Our laundry bin lines feature:



The 50L BRISEN laundry collector from Rotho ensures secure laundry storage. Integrated handles facilitate easy transport, and the lid preserves cleanliness and ventilation.



The COUNTRY laundry collector, holding 55L, touts a space-saving design with an openwork rattan construction, ensuring improved hygiene.



The FLOWERS laundry collector, boasting a 55L capacity, features a robust plastic build, a detachable lid, and a decorative floral pattern for discreet and space-saving laundry collection.


Peruse our complete laundry bin range on our website.


Why Rotho?

Swiss Quality and Design

Rooted in Switzerland, our company upholds high-quality standards at an unbeatable price, reinforced by a 20-year guarantee. Sustainability takes precedence, with a commitment to eco-friendly materials and minimal packaging.


Wide Selection

Navigate our online haven for diverse designs, colors, and capacities, with or without lids, ensuring a perfect match.


Customer Support

Queries or in need of assistance? Our customer service stands ready to assist.


Optimizing Your Laundry Bin Use

Prior to settling on a laundry bin, contemplate your organizational strategy. Numerous options abound, with two popular methods:


Room-Specific Bins

Ideal for families, deploying a laundry bin in each room minimizes clutter. Full bins can be effortlessly conveyed to the laundry.


Multiple Bins in One Area

Positioning one or more laundry hampers in a central room, such as the bathroom, offers quick oversight and saves time on collection.


3 Laundry Sorting Hints


Sort laundry promptly to save time.

Execute preparatory work while collecting.

Keep categories minimal for efficient sorting.

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