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Recycling waste system 40 l ALBULA

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Color : Mistletoe green

Waste recycling system ALBULA 40 liters - clever waste separation for kitchen, bathroom and Co.

ALBULA is the name of Rotho's well thought-out, modular recycling system, which can be used in many areas of the household. Whether in the kitchen or in the office, the waste system with lid offers you the opportunity to easily separate the waste in the household. The various plastic buckets can be stacked on top of each other without any problems, so that they can also be used perfectly in rooms with little space. And when not in use, simply stack the different buckets on top of each other. The handles also make it easy to transport the Rotho waste bins. And after use, it needs to be cleaned, which can easily be done with water and washing-up liquid. Or you can simply put the innovative waste separation system in the dishwasher.

Various stickers provide an overview of the product

With Rotho's sophisticated waste system, you can see at a glance what belongs in which waste bin. This is ensured by the stickers on the front of the lid, which have different imprints. A quick look at the waste bin is enough and you know where the PET bottles go or which container glass bottles or paper belong in. ALBULA consists of recycled plastic and impresses with its robust workmanship. The individual buckets have a capacity of 40 liters. Thanks to the lid, the Rotho waste bins can be closed easily. So you can use the Rotho product perfectly in the kitchen, bathroom, office and co.

Artikelnummer: 1034405092WS
  • Länge: 400 mm
  • Breite: 358 mm
  • Höhe: 340 mm