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Set of 3 freshness containers ELA

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Color : Red & Rosa & Weiss

3 Set of clinged boxes ela

With our new civil doses ELA, keeping food is made easy!
Only one click opens the box and with another click you seal it tightly. Thanks to these innovative locking mechanisms, the box is 100% leakage -proof and airtight. So you can transport your favorite meal or soups without hesitation without having to be afraid that something will run out. An important point that makes life easier that the can is suitable for microwave. Simply remove the lid and you have warm food on the table. The modern design of the clinging box makes you a real eye -catcher in your kitchen.

With this box you will experience the advantages of modern and environmentally friendly storage options.

Product information:

  • Modern design
  • Ideal for storage in the refrigerator
  • Perfect for taking away
  • transparent material enables easy detection of the content
  • < Li> Suitable for storing food of all kinds - from fruit and vegetables to soups and salads
  • dishwasher -proof
  • 100% recyclable
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