Interview: Elina Oluic

«What I appreciate about Rotho is that the management keeps surprising us with small gifts.

Würenlingen (CH)

Marketplace Analyst

Aug 2018

Started as an apprentice clerk, then permanent position in the e-commerce department

How and why did you come to Rotho?

My aunt worked at Rotho many years ago and told me that apprentices are being trained. So I applied and was able to experience two exciting trial days.

Why can you recommend an apprenticeship at Rotho?

I can recommend an apprenticeship at Rotho because you work in many different departments, such as marketing, accounting and sales. After the training, you can better assess which specialist area suits you better and which less.

Which department did you like best during your apprenticeship and why?

I liked e-commerce the most during my apprenticeship. I liked the e-commerce best because the jobs I was allowed to do appealed to me the most, I really enjoyed doing them and they also aroused my interest in more. It's a mix between daily tasks and projects, so it makes the work very varied. The team was also great, I felt right at home there, so the decision was very easy for me. In addition, the team involved me in many topics, so I was able to build up know-how that still comes in handy today.

What are the tasks of e-commerce?

E-commerce is responsible for looking after marketplaces (web shops and internet sales platforms). We keep the marketplaces up to date (prices and products). We also maintain the advertising and content on our various sales platforms.

What do you like about your work?

I like the varied tasks and the projects I work on. I also really like the team.

What is your favorite Rotho product and why?

The products from the Loft line are my favorite products in the Rotho range because they look very modern and classy. In addition, they are dense and can be used for a wide variety of foods.

How is the e-commerce department divided?

E-commerce is managed by a leader and there are roles such as Marketplace Analysts, Marketplace Managers, Operations Managers or Performance Marketing Managers. We also have interns and apprentices in the team.

What are your responsibilities as a Marketplace Analyst?

My tasks include the online marketplace support, maintaining content, creating articles, ensuring product availability, order analysis, creating different sets as well as helping and implementing e-commerce projects.

What do you appreciate most about Rotho?

I appreciate the opportunities for advancement as well as the flexible working hours and the possibility of being able to work from home to some extent. In addition, the management always surprises with small gifts.

What do you recommend for young professionals at Rotho?

I recommend new apprentices to show interest and ask lots of questions in order to better understand work processes. I also advise the young apprentices to write lots of instructions and to apply them.