The kitchen assortment of Rotho has a large selection of smart and quality solutions to help you in the day-by-day life. The over 125-years old heritage in this field supports the company in the continuous development of an up-to-date catalogue.


No matter where you would like to conserve your food - in the fridge, in the freezer or in the cupboard, Rotho offers a big range of products for exactly those needs.

Preparation / Heating

Usefull helpers to arrange tasty recepies and prepare all the ingredients for baking, salad making and in general cooking or re-heating.

Serving / Take-Away

Whatever you want to take with you we can provide the right containers: sandwich, lunch, salad, soup, drinking, cakes, BBQ preparations… Moreover, a stylish tableware line helps you to serve food in a cheerful and unharmful way.

Main products

Rotho's concept against food waste

Fruits and vegetables stay fresh longer, thanks to the well thought-out concept consisting 2 boxes, a filter and a fresh pad

The cereal box with an optimized lid

Smooth pouring, ergonomic, 2 click fasteners on the sides

Lunchboxes made from recycled material

Extremely sturdy, highly transparent lid, airtight and aroma-proof

Smart system to help match the lids with the bases

Super-transparent, available in many different sizes

The perfect line for kids

100% leak-proof, Swiss made and a lot of child-friendly features

Ideal for organizing all kinds of fridges

Ergonomic handle, perfect circulation in the fridge

The right size for every purpose

Robust, snap fasteners, ideal for children

Finally a cup for taking liquids along, 100% leak-proof

Microwave valve, double wall, ideal for soups and breakfast