When the leaves fall from the trees, it is time to prepare the garden and terrace for the unpredictable winter weather. It is especially important to do this before the first frost – so resist putting this task off until later; it’s essential. But what does this preparation involve? How should you store all of the required equipment? These questions are answered in the blog post below.

With the right preparation, the start of spring next year will be full of ease and without stress. You will be able to start gardening again straight away. There will be no long periods of searching, and you can avoid plants or objects getting broken due to potential coldness or moisture.


Dead plants should be plucked or cut back. Some plants also require protection from the effects of frost. To protect the plants from harm, they should be kept in a warm place. Sometimes, however, it is a good idea to wrap them up in an insulated package and protect the roots with mulch. You should think about planting some flower bulbs now so that they will flower in the spring. Decorative grasses should be tied together


Sweep up all the leaves that have fallen to the ground. Also, check that the rain gutter and various grids are free of leaves.


The lawn should be able to breathe and receive sufficient light. It is therefore very important to remove the leaves and keep the grass cut short until it generally doesn’t grow as much. Even in cold temperatures, mowing is still necessary. The lawn only stops growing when the temperature falls below nine degrees. Therefore, if the grass stalks are too long, they will break off due to the frost. But they also shouldn’t be too short, as the roots must be kept protected from frost. The lawn is also better protected against moss and weeds when it is at an optimum length of about three to five centimetres. The lawn can also be scarified and fertilised in the autumn.

Garden tools and equipment

Garden tools such as the lawnmower and garden hose are best kept in a dry place. It is best to clean the tools and gardening equipment before the winter season sets in. Garden shears should also be sharpened in advance. Waterproof storage is particularly important for tools that are susceptible to rust.


First, clear away all furniture and plants from the terrace, so you can clean it thoroughly. Sweep all leaves off the terrace to avoid stains. Sometimes it may also be necessary to oil or wax your wooden terrace after cleaning to make it dirt-resistant and frost-proof

Garden furniture and grill

Using the correct storage for garden furniture prolongs its life, which, in turn, saves a lot of money. Garden furniture and decoration should be thoroughly cleaned and dried. It is even better to leave them to dry naturally in the sun. Also, remember to clean your sun umbrellas and sun blinds. You should either store them in a dry place or ensure that they are stored with an appropriate waterproof cover. Cushions must be stored particularly well so that they are protected from moisture. Ensure that they are completely dry before you put them in an airtight box

The grill in particular requires thorough cleaning. Scrub the grill and wipe the inside out. For a gas barbecue, the gas bottle should be removed and stored in a dry, cool place. Please follow the manufacturer’s instructions.


The sandbox should be cleaned and covered. The trampoline is best dismounted and stowed dry. Now is also the perfect time to sort out the children’s toys, especially the sand toys. Throw away all broken parts and give away or donate those things that the children no longer play with. The remaining toys should be cleaned and stored in a dry place. Stackable boxes with a lockable lid are ideal for this. Some toys can also be used by children during the winter or at the beginning of spring. It is, therefore, best to store them by category in an easily accessible place. A cupboard or garden shed is ideal for this.

The stackable COMPACT Boxes in various sizes are perfect for storing gardening tools. Whether it’s large, bulky things like seat cushions and fertiliser or small things like toys and gardening gloves. The robust storage boxes are transparent, so you can see straightaway what is inside. They can be closed with clips and are therefore perfect for storing things in a winter-proof way. The boxes can be stacked on top of each other to optimise the available space in a garden cupboard or hut.

What are you waiting for? Put on your gardening gloves again and spend a wonderful autumn’s day preparing your beloved garden for the cold weather.