October is the end of the garden and balcony season. Now we have to collect decorations, garden accessories, paddling pools, toys and pots in which seasonal summer plants grew and protect them from the cold. If in winter the seasonal objects also have to be stored in the apartment, space-saving solutions are more necessary than ever.

Agnieszka Witkowska is a professional in organization and coach for order. She tells us, which tricks she likes to use most:

If it was just a matter of hiding things in boxes and taking them to the garage or the attic, it wouldn’t be too complicated.

1. first of all, you sort the items. Which ones do you want to keep, which ones do you no longer need?

2. then get rid of those that are damaged or no longer needed. Maybe you can also give something away.

3. the items you want to keep, you should first clean them and then sort them into boxes by category.

4. finally, put the storage boxes in a place where they won’t bother you – for example, in the basement, attic or garage.

Organised winter even in a small flat

Things get a little more complicated if you live in an apartment where you don’t have extra storage space. Then the tricks I use myself at home will help you:

First you divide things into those that can stay outside for the winter and try to find a safe place for them. In my case, the empty space under the garden furniture works very well, which also spends the winter outside covered with a special plastic sheet.

For this I prefer to use the EVO PROTECT storage boxes. Things that are hidden in the EVO PROTECT boxes are safe. Because they have additional seals to prevent the entry of moisture. I hide them under the furniture nevertheless because I don’t want them to get too dirty and get snowed in the whole winter season.

Creative hiding places for more space

In my house all family life takes place on the terrace during the summer season, so there are many things that are no longer needed in winter. If there is not enough space under the furniture, I still have some good hiding places:

For example the upper shelves in the cupboard. You can’t use them better than to store seasonal items. If they were pushed into the shelves without organization, they would only make a mess – that’s why I use EVO PROTECT containers here. Because of the wide range of sizes I can use the ones that make the best use of the space in my cupboard.

But also a bed with a bed drawer is a great place – that is on average about 4m2 storage space. The bed has room for a spare/guest bedding, but you can also easily use the storage space for seasonal items. Under the mattress, however, it can get dusty, so things are better stored in containers. Also, I do not necessarily want things that have been stored outside to come into direct contact with the bedding.

I think that the bed base is an ideal place for storage in apartments, but just like in the basement, this place should not be overloaded with unnecessary things.

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